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These are the most popular violins and violin outfits (an outfit includes the case and bow) sold by Beare & Son. Every instrument is thoroughly checked and properly set-up before sale. Pegs, fingerboard nut, soundpost, endpin, tailpiece and bridge are all fitted, re-fitted or replaced to ensure the instrument will perform to its' absolute best.

A lot of workshop time is spent putting right problems with instruments that have been bought elsewhere and brought to Beare & Son to be sorted out. Buying direct from Beare & Son means you will get it right first time.

Our best advice to customers who are tempted to buy on price alone is "just because it looks like a violin in the picture doesn't mean it will play like a violin".

Our current violin stock ranges from £85 to £2500. Please enquire regarding higher priced instruments.
Some of the current violins include:

Mittenwald 7/8 with Dominant strings. Branded 'Conservatory Violin' c 1850. Bargain at £395

Jay Heide 101 Strad model  £850
JTL Medio Fino violin c.1900  £900 (choice of 2)

William N Shepherd, London 1982  £1000
Modern Gliga violin bought 'in the white' and varnished in the UK  £1200

Romanian Master Nagy Bela 2001  £1750