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Linseed Oil

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Cold pressed Linseed Oil is made from Swedish Flax and is a 100% pure vegetable oil.
Unlike raw linseed oil which takes up to one month to dry, cold pressed linseed oil dries in just 8 days. This makes it especially suited for making clear oil varnishes and is much more suitable for use with indoor wooden surfaces, such as solid wood furniture, wood flooring, kitchen utensils and chopping boards.
Use on finely sanded or planed, dry and dust-free wood surfaces. Apply the oil undiluted or thinned, either with a cloth or paint brush and remove any excess oil after 10 to 30 minutes. 
After drying and fine sanding, more coats can be added to obtain an increasingly intensive colour and depth effect of the wood grain.   100ml Bottle
(Bottles must be double-bagged to comply with posting rules).
Caution: Cloths soaked in linseed oil can spontaneously combust in air. Dispose of all used cloths or keep them in an air-tight container.