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Current cello stock includes :-

4/4 Pre-owned but unused Chinese cello with hardwood fingerboard and upgraded ebony pegs, with a German fitted bridge and ebony socket endpin. Steel strings.   £550
4/4 Michael Poller (Romanian) with Jargar strings. Fully carved maple and spruce.  £1450
4/4 Beare & Son Beijing cello with Jargar strings  £1575
4/4 Eastman Young Master with antiqued varnish and Larsen strings  £2000
4/4 Romanian handmade cello, very nicely flamed. Larsen strings  £2400
7/8 size Beare & Son Chinese cello with 720mm back length and reduced rib depth  £1100
3/4 size Hauer cello outfit with Lenzner Protos strings at £500

S/H 4/4 Havelar cello 1998  £400
S/H 3/4 size B&H400 cello 1994  £200
S/H 1/2 size Markneukirchen cello  £250

We also have a fully finished cello 'in the white' which is a Michael Poller Romanian instrument, with good quality ebony fingerboard and pegs. It will definitely benefit from some re-thicknessing of the plates and will then become a superb instrument for varnishing by an experienced luthier. Priced at just £650.
Please contact us for further details.