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Beare-Tertis Violas

Beare & Son is the sole worldwide supplier of the Beare-Tertis viola.

These small violas were designed in 1999 by the late Don Henneman (a partner in Beare & Son at the time) to enable younger players to play on proper violas - and not to have to use violins strung as violas.

The three smaller Beare-Tertis violas are made to the same back lengths as 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 size violins, with the upper bout the same as the corresponding violin size so smaller hands no longer have the problem of trying to reach around conventional viola size bouts. They also have a greater width across the centre and lower bouts and a deeper body to produce a far better viola sound.
The largest size has a 14 3/4" back length with bouts in proportion to the smaller sized violas.

We have sold over 550 Beare-Tertis violas to individuals and LEA Music Services across the country and overseas, including the Royal College of Music and the Purcell School.

The latest delivery has now sold out, - all the 1/8 size (12-1/2" back length), 1/4 size (13-1/4" back) and 3/4 size (14 3/4" back) and 1/2 size (14" back) have now been sold.
The price of £175 included a lightweight oblong case and brazilwood student bow.

WANTED:  If you have an unused Beare-Tertis viola in good condition (in any size)  we have a waiting list of new players wanting to buy.
Please contact Mark Hutchinson at Beare and Son if you are interested  in selling.